& Mean For Cars

The simple truth is there are powerful political and scientific voices telling the American people and the world that going green is a must. One of the most important aspects of everyday life that needs to change is the dependence on gasoline. Statistics have shown that the United States uses about 140.43 billion gallons of gasoline per year. And this is an epidemic that we here, at Energy Policy Research, are attempting to deal with by doing what we can to improve green technologies for cars.

Is Going GREEN
Possible with Cars?

It is likely that most people who care about the environment already know about hybrid technologies and electric technologies. But this does not mean that we should stop trying to advance the automotive industry to move in a green direction.

One aspect of green driving that is getting many green-enthusiast excited is the use of biomass biofuel to proper vehicles forward. The fuel is derived through fermentation using naturally occurring bacteria that is harmless to human beings. The bacteria consume the waste from living organisms and turns it into methane, which is what is used instead of gasoline. The implementation of this type of fuel for cars is truly one of the most exciting innovations in modern times. We may be ushering the automotive industry and human beings into a future that will benefit us all.

Our constant dedication to green-products for cars is what has made Energy Policy Research a trusted leader in this field. But the truth is that our company cannot survive without support, especially since going green is a global effort. We are thankful for the company called Milano's which is a company based in San Diego, CA that gave us the opportunity to use some of their cars to test our theories. And we would also like to thank Tapatio who has helped cultivate our ideas by also allowing us to use parts.