& Mean For Cars

Why There Should be More Focus on
Making Cars Green

The need to find alternative energy sources besides oil for vehicular transportation grows more important with each passing year.

In the past, oil has been a consistent fuel source for cars. However, there are alternatives now in green energy which could replace the rampant demand for oil. Green energy are sources that come from the natural elements such as sunlight, wind, rain, nature, and the Earth's natural heat. With each passing day, more of the world is turning to such sources in creating solar power, wind power, hydropower, and geothermal heat.

One aspect of green driving that is getting many green-enthusiast excited is the use of biomass biofuel to proper vehicles forward. The fuel is derived through fermentation using naturally occurring bacteria that is harmless to human beings. The bacteria consume the waste from living organisms and turns it into methane, which is what is used instead of gasoline. The implementation of this type of fuel for cars is truly one of the most exciting innovations in modern times. We may be ushering the automotive industry and human beings into a future that will benefit us all.

Why Focus on GREEN ENERGY?

The population of the world continues to rise and could soon be closing in on eight billion. Add to the fact that third-world countries are moving toward industrialization and will soon require much more energy to fill their growing needs in the coming years.

Because of that, there should be a focus on diversifying energy dependence on a source such as oil while green energy is much more renewable alternative.

Benefits of GREEN ENERGY?

Oil has been the main source of fuel for vehicular transportation use for many years. In time, there has been grown concern over how much fuel is left on planet Earth. Some estimates have it to last 50 more years while others believe it to be much longer. Regardless, the dependence on one source of fuel needs to be altered and focusing on how green energy can power cars would greatly limit the need for oil in the future.

Also, natural green energy wouldn't have such a negative effect on the global warming issues facing the countries of the planet.

Negatives of GREEN ENERGY?

The only negative concern is the cost needed to implement green energy as an alternative fuel source. Ultimately, consumers are going to with the cheaper alternative. If green energy can be developed to the point where its generation cost is close to oil itself, then more may look toward it to fuel car transportation.